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Why Professional Floor Waxing Makes a Difference

When it comes to keeping your floors in top shape, it’s not just about the routine clean. Here at Radiant Cleaning, we elevate floor waxing to an art. For your home or business in Massachusetts, we offer more than just a service – it’s a commitment to excellence. Our floor waxing doesn’t just protect; it revives and enhances, ensuring your floors stay resilient and attractive.

Home Floors Deserve the Spotlight Too

Your home’s floors are more than just surfaces to walk on; they’re a part of your life’s backdrop. Our residential floor waxing service treats your floors with the respect they deserve. From restoring their natural beauty to protecting them from daily wear and tear, we use products that are as gentle on your floors as they are on your living environment.

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Commercial Floor Waxing: Where Professional Meets Practical

For businesses, floor appearance can speak volumes. Our commercial floor waxing service focuses on delivering a polished, professional look, while ensuring longevity and durability. We adapt to your business schedule, offering a hassle-free service that keeps your operations smooth and your floors impressive.

Our Approach: Detail-Oriented, Quality-Driven

We focus on details and quality in our waxing process. Starting with a deep clean, we then apply high-grade wax. Our team works carefully to ensure even coverage and finishes with a buff for a brilliant shine. This method not only makes your floors look good but also protects them from everyday wear and tear.

Custom Waxing for Different Floor Types

We understand that different floors need different care. Our waxing services are customized to your floor type, considering its material and condition. We adjust our methods to suit your specific floor, whether it’s classic hardwood or modern vinyl, ensuring the best care and results.

Our Focus on Customer Satisfaction

At Radiant Cleaning, we value your satisfaction above all. We strive to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring our services align perfectly with your expectations. Our commitment to quality and customer service is unwavering, making us a reliable choice for all your floor waxing needs.

Why Choose Radiant Cleaning Services?

Licensed and Insured

Our professional credentials ensure peace of mind and a guarantee of quality service.

Expertly Trained Team

Continual training keeps our team ahead in floor care, ensuring top-tier results for every project.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Our history of positive feedback and client loyalty speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.




Our long history and regular clients prove that our service is qualified.


We use products that totally don’t harm to your health.


All our employees are skilled to provide you with the best service.


We insure you from not doing our job as good as we promise.

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