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The average consumer is not familiar with the four major conditions dealing with pressure washing. Those conditions are the heat, the pressure, the solutions used in cleaning, and the measure of water flow. Unlike the average person, the technicians of Professional Pressure Washing Service are knowledgeable and have the experience to understand how these factors work together. In addition to knowledge and experience, there are other benefits of using our professional pressure washing service.

Up to date equipment:

In order to keep our technicians qualified and our customers satisfied, we make sure the equipment used by Professional Pressure Washing Service is new and regularly updated. The machines we use are designed for the special cleaning solutions needed for those jobs that are particularly tough and dirty, or for those situations where heat is necessary to get rid of grease and grime.

Some locations need moss removed from concrete or roofs. Professional Pressure Washing Service has the right equipment and the know-how for removing moss and avoid the roof tiles being blasted away.

Damaged Prevention:

Pressure washing requires artistic skill. Like an artist, the technicians of Professional Pressure Washing Service know how much pressure to use. The surface intended for cleaning can be totally ruined with excessive pressure. Wood siding can be worn away and permanently damaged when too much pressure is used while pressure washing. The skilled technicians of Professional Pressure Washing Service are familiar with and understand the methods for using our equipment. Expert training allows them to wash wood and other surfaces without damaging them.

Insured Pressure Washers:

Because Professional Pressure Washing Service has a minimum of $100,000 of liability insurance, customers are protected from damages should anything go wrong.

Eco friendly clening solutions:

The far-sighted experts of Professional Pressure Washing Service have developed their own state-of-the-art cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and harmless to nearby watersheds. Our professional technicians are trained in the regulations of the EPA, and the transportation of water runoff to the proper disposal facilities.

Save time and money:

Professional Pressure Washing Service removes extensive stains from a large variety of surfaces around homes and businesses. We can make old surfaces look attractive and new again. Our pressure washing is thorough, producing results that are long lasting, and eliminates the need for frequent cleanings. Future cleanings can be scheduled for once a year, allowing you to save time and money.

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