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10 Steps to Professionally Deep Cleaning your Upholstery.

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When your upholstery starts to look dingy, ugly and smelly, get it cleaned. Hire a business that can clean it to make it look new again. Make sure to hire a professional cleaning company to tackle this job. There are ten steps a company should follow in order to clean your furniture.

First, make sure the cleaning company does an inspection of the fabric on your furniture before they start to clean it. They need to know the content of the fabric in order to determine what type of cleaner to safely use on it.

Second, they will need to thoroughly use a vacuum on the fabric. This will remove any loose soil. Removing dirt is critical before they begin to clean your upholstery.

Third, just like when you use a pre-spray on laundry to soak out greasy, dirty spots on your clothes, a similar process is used for fabric. A pre-spray is used for upholstery on furniture. This solution helps loosen up stains so they can be removed during the rinsing step.

Fourth, watch as the cleaning staff works a pre-spray into the fabric. They usually scrub pre-spray into the material. Most technicians use a simple white towel. Others use a specific item, called a horsehair brush to scrub the material.

Fifth, after the dirt has been loosened, it is time to rinse and clean the fabric. High tech tools that produce low moisture are used. They extract dirt from the fabric. A bonus is that it disinfects, as well adding a deodorizer to your upholstery.

Sixth, a special solution is used to rinse your upholstery. This is important to eliminate any stickiness from the cleaner.

Seventh, any left over spots that remain after rinsing the fabric, get extra treatment. A spot removal technique is used for specific stains.

Eighth, since families are busy and can't wait days for their fabric to dry, a special technique is used to dry it quickly. Air machines are used to dry the fabric quickly and efficiently.

Ninth, some fabrics need to be brushed. Suede is one such example. Brushing keeps the nape of the fabric all in one direction.

Tenth and last, make sure the staff does a final inspection after your upholstery is cleaned. This should be done before they leave your home, and before they bill you.

Make sure you are home when a business is cleaning your upholstery. You will want to be sure they clean your furniture efficiently and effectively.

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