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Pet Odor & Urine Removal

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One of the biggest concerns for families with pets is keeping the carpet clean and fresh smelling. When a cat or dog urinates on the carpeting, bacteria goes to work to create those unpleasant odors that anyone entering your home will smell immediately. When you hire our local carpet cleaning professionals to remove pet odors, your carpeting will be completely bacteria free and the home will smell fresh again.

Treating the Pet stains

After your pet goes to bathroom on the carpet, the race is on to get the area cleaned up as quickly as possible. When the urine is allowed to penetrate the carpet fibers and into the padding, it will be a real challenge to absorb that moisture trapped inside.

Blotting with a paper towel does nothing more than push the urine further down into the carpet where the bacteria will begin to spread. The warm and dark location deep in the carpeting is perfect for the bacteria to spread, and no amount of cleaning or vacuuming will remove all the contaminants.

Why choose a professional cleaning service

Your local carpet cleaning technicians bring with them experience, and more importantly they bring the appropriate equipment to restore the damage done by pet urine. The technicians will employ ultra violet lamps to locate any pet stains that are dried and invisible to the naked eye yet still causing odors.

Once these areas have been located, they will be treated with an organic cleaning solution that goes to work to neutralize the bacteria and stop the odor, but is perfectly safe for the carpeting. Once the stain is treated, the team will go to work at cleaning the carpet fibers.

Understanding the cleaning process

Depending on your pets dietary habits, the color and smell of the urine will vary. The more alkaline in the urine, the less potent the smell in your home. Once the carpet cleaning technicians arrive, they will be able to smell and locate these stains and take the appropriate actions to repair the carpet. The longer the urine sets in the carpet, the more difficult to clean the entire area. Even though you can not see the stains, the odor can become overwhelming after a few stains are made.

The cleaning crew will not only treat and remove the urine, they will check and retreat the stain to be sure all the crystallized urine is completely gone. Even a trace of these crystals could reproduce as warmer conditions in the home occur.

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