Residential Carpet Cleaning


Take advantage of our Premium Carpet Cleaning Service

We make sure that your precious carpets get cleaned most professionally, and no dust particle is left on them. We use a vacuum and spray and other cleaning methods to clean your carpet, keeping in mind that we might not want to damage or destroy your carpets. For that reason alone, we have a great team of professionals, who have years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, and we make sure that they perform their duty well and without any glitch whatsoever.


Having years of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry, we can utilize our knowledge and properly apply it to the commercial and residential Cleaning we do, for instance, the carpet cleaning. We remove all the tough stains and spots, and the dirt and dust particles, and make it just like a new one. Your carpet I cleaned, sanitized, and new again. Radiant Cleaning Services is a certified provider of quality cleaning services for many years. We consist of a highly professional and dedicated team with extensive expertise in all kinds of commercial and residential Cleaning and washing projects. We deal with Cleaning of Office, Janitorial, carpet, window washing, power washing, medical facility cleaning, and construction cleaning and washing.

  • We are Locally owned and over 20 years in business
  • Reliable 4+stars rating stars Carpet Cleaning Company
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating- Impressive, isn’t it?
  • People have uncompromised trust and faith in our services
  • Innovative and effective cleaning technicians
  • We use hot water steam extraction
  • The legit company, also insured
  • Customer support, 24/7, round the clock
  • No hidden charges
  • Special baby safety ensured
  • Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction
  • Safe for Children & Pets
  • Fast Drying 4-6 hours
  • We Technicians are wearing gloves, face masks and disposable shoe cover.
  • We are disinfecting our equipment in between every job
  • We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC.


Why use us to clean your carpets?

  • Locally owned and over 23 years in business
  • Radiant 4.5 stars Carpet Cleaning Company in Metro-West area and surround cities
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating- for peace of mind
  • Mom’s trust us
  • Uniformed expert cleaning technicians
  • Always clean and properly maintained, state of the art truck mounted cleaning vans
  • Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water steam extraction
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Technicians call on the way
  • No hidden fees, no Gimmicks
  • Baby Safe
  • Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction
  • Safe for Children & Pets
  • Fast Drying 4-6 hors
  • We Technicians wearing gloves, face mask and disposable shoe cover.
  • We are disinfecting our equipment in between every job
  • We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC.

Our 30-Day 100% Clean Guarantee

At Radiant Cleaning, your satisfaction is important to us — important enough that we are willing to return to your home anytime within 30 days of your original service and provide a cheerful redo if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

9 Step Process to a Professional Carpet Cleaning

We will walk through your home with you and ask you to show us any spots you are concerned with. We will identify potential permanent stains and give you an idea of what you can expected from cleaning, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.

If needs we will Pre-vacuum using a Commercial Grade Vacuums. Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed using a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove dry soil.

A pre-conditioning solution is sprayed on the carpet to emulsify/break down the soil throughout the carpeting.If there is a problem with pet urine odor,we will apply Pet Urine Enzymes (this process helps eliminate pet urine odors)

Difficult spots are pre-treated with special spotters uniquely designed to increase chances of removal. We can handle most issues such as pet urine, ink, red stains, coffee, etc. We have been told by several clients we have removed stains that other cleaners have tried to get out for years!

A professional carpet groomer is used to further loosen the soil if needs.

The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed with our powerful “Truck-Mount Hot Steam Extraction” cleaning system without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind. We clean every carpet with clean, soft, treated water. This will also leave your carpet feeling soft and fresh. This will leave no chemical residue behind, just fresh, clean carpet.

Any spots or stains remaining will get extra treatment with one of our many specialty spotting procedures.

After the carpet cleaning is complete, the latest generation of Scotchgard Carpet Protector can be applied to the carpet fibers. Carpet protector will give you longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains.

High velocity 360-degree air movers can be placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying.



Our long history and regular clients prove that our service is qualified.


We use products that totally don’t harm to your health.


All our employees are skilled to provide you with the best service.


We insure you from not doing our job as good as we promise.

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